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Brandon Flowers reveals the influence of Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone" on The Killers' track, "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine"

"I was drawing inspiration from the music I encountered in the clubs along the Las Vegas Strip."

Brandon Flowers has shared insights into the inspiration behind The Killers' hit "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine," revealing the influence of Alice Deejay's 1999 dance track, "Better Off Alone." In a recent video posted on social media, The Killers' frontman discussed the creative process behind the song as part of the countdown to the release of "Rebel Diamonds," a compilation album marking the band's 20-year career.

Scheduled for release on December 8 via EMI, "Rebel Diamonds" will feature iconic tracks like"Mr. Brightside," "When You Were Young," and "Human," alongside newer hits such as "Boy" and "Your Side Of Town." The album will also introduce a fresh addition titled "Spirit."

Reflecting on the making of "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" and the band's early dedication, Flowers recalled a pivotal moment when he acquired a Nord Lead Two synthesizer for a significant sum. He expressed the need to learn and incorporate the instrument into the band's sound, emphasizing the collective dedication of the members asthey worked diligently in Ronnie's Garage.

As Flowers delved into the final stages of crafting the song, he sought a distinctive element to contribute. Harking back to the music resonating in the clubs along the Las Vegas Strip, he found inspiration in the infectious sound of Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone." With a sense of excitement, Flowers discussed the significant role this influence played in shaping the memorable chorus of "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine," showcasing the band's ability to fuse diverse musical elements into their signature sound.